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I'm a transdisciplinary artist researching and working out of Red Dirt Studio in Mt Rainier, MD.

Using trash, industrial waste, and soil as source material, I make ceramic artifacts. These speculative objects slip between geologic and human timescales, telling stories that are grounded in the earth but decidedly entangled with the social. My practice begins with curiosity and develops into obsessive, idiosyncratic research, often employing humor or beauty to engage audiences. I avoid tired clichés of critique and demystification in favor of surprise as a mode of sustained critical engagement. Deeply indebted to contemporary critical, ecological, feminist, and affect studies, I see object making as a tool to extend these discourses beyond the academy, into the world.

areas of interest include: material history, abolition, YouTube, trash ontology, the problem of the human, permeability, queerness, the plantationocene, hauntings, residues, etc 

I also play in the band Ultra Beauty

you can contact me at rainamartens1@gmail.com

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