Sky Watchers

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Sky Watchers, Sound Collage, 3 minutes, 2018

This piece was created for Liz Lessner's project ECHOES, a compilation of audio responses to works from her show Call and Response presented at the Honfleur Gallery in Washington, DC. 

The experiment transposes the premise of Lessner's Rainbox. It dwells on the difficulty of recreating a sensation, in this case, the feeling of watching the sky.

Using YouTube as an informal archive, the track compiles audio from diaristic videos about the sun and clouds. Sentimental and awkward, the videos, shared originally with an anonymous public, are gestures of intimacy in and across virtual space.

Relaying the affective structure of A Block and Tackle of Lures, Reels, and Rods, this piece invites listeners to consider the ambivalent space of mediated interaction.